NOTE: This information is applicable only for clients with the Forms+ product. 

Calculations and Pricing within forms is the latest feature available in SchoolCash Forms+. This functionality is great when building forms for items w  here the total amount due changes based on the number or quantity selected in the form. Some examples are spirit wear and merchandise sales, donations and fundraisers, auctions, summer camps, etc.


In addition to the amazing features already included in SchoolCash Forms, users can now:

  • Add calculations to forms using mathematical formulas to make the forms even more powerful.
  • Assign one or more fields within the form as price fields. The value of the fields that have price enabled will be added to the total amount due for the item in SchoolCash Online.    

In this document, you will learn how to add calculations and pricing through an example of prom ticket sales.

Please Note: Calculations will be available if the feature add-on has been enabled. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

How do I add Calculations to my forms?

To add calculations to a form, you can create a formula based on a number element or an element in which values have been assigned  to possible options. 

Values can be added to the following elements: 

  • Dropdown
  • Radio Button 
  • Checkbox

Values can be enabled under ‘Options’ in the Properties tab for these elements. 

Using Formulas in Calculations

To use mathematical formulas in calculations:

  1. Select the field/element on the form that will display the total of the calculation.
  2. Select the ‘Number from Calculation’ radio button. 
  3. Click on ‘Field’ to specify the field to be used in the formula. Select the appropriate field from the dropdown list. Only fields already added to the form will appear in the list.
  4. Click on a mathematical operator—select addition, subtraction, multiplication and/or division—to perform the appropriate calculation. 
  5. Select ‘Field’ or ‘Number’ button to complete the formula.

Set an Element as a Price

Only number elements can be set as ‘Price’ elements. Setting up an element as a ‘Price’ element means that the value of that element will be added to the total amount due for the item in SchoolCash Online. 

To set a Number element as a price, toggle on ‘Price’ 

Number elements   that have the ‘Price’ toggle on will display the price icon:

How do I set up pricing in SchoolCash Catalog?

To set up pricing in SchoolCash Catalog so that the price calculated via the form is added to the item fee:

  1. Go to the Extras section on the item page in the catalog.
  2. Select the Published form from the drop list to attach it to the relevant item.
  3. Select the category name and other GL/chart of account information to add the form price to the item. 

How do I set up pricing in District Catalog?

If you are using the District Catalog with your SchoolCash Forms subscription, you can set up pricing in the District Catalog so that the price calculated via the form is added to the item fee. To do this:

  1. In the ‘Content’ section, click on the ‘+’ next to ‘Form’ under the ‘Add to CONTENT’ pane on the left.
  2. Select ‘Add Existing’ to add an already published    form or choose ‘Create New’. 
  3. If you are adding an existing form, select a form to attach from the list of pre-existing forms. You can preview a form before adding it to the item.
  4. In the ‘Financials’ section, select the category name and other GL/chart of account information to add the form price to the item. 

EXAMPLE: Prom Registration and Ticket Sales Form

In the example below, a form has been created to capture prom registrations as well as tickets that can be purchased by parents or students on SchoolCash Online.  

Step 1: Add Fields to the Form

To build this form, create the following fields  :

  • Guest name (Element Type: Name)
  • Guest address (Element Type: Address)
  • Guest photo ID (Element Type: Request Doc.)
  • Ticket quantity (Element Type: Dropdown)
  • Total amount owed (Element Type: Numbers)

Step 2: Add Values to Options

Before calculating the total amount owed, values need to be assigned to the options associated with the Ticket Quantity field, called “How many tickets would you like to purchase? $30/ticket”.

  1. Select the  dropdown element “How many tickets would you like to purchase? $30/ticket”. 
  2. In the ‘Options’ section on the left pane, toggle ‘Values’ to the on position and add a value to each option. In this case, the value is the number of tickets which is either 1 or 2. 

Step 3: Add a Calculation

Use a mathematical formula/calculation to calculate the ‘Total amount owed’.

  1. Select the ‘Total amount owed’ number element. The total amount owed field is based on the ticket quantity field multiplied by the cost of each ticket at $30.
  2. Select the ‘Number from Calculation’ option. This will reveal the calculation/formula section below it. The ‘Price’ toggle is automatically set the on position for any number elements where ‘Number from Calculation’ is used.
  3. Click ‘Field’ to select the “How many tickets would you like to purchase?’ field.
  4. Select the multiplication operator ‘*’
  5. Each ticket costs a set amount of $30. Click ‘Number’ and set the amount to $30.

You also have the option to keep a number element hidden so a parent/student filling out the form will not see part of the calculation. On the Numbers element, set the Hidden toggle to the on position.

Feature restrictions 

  • The calculations feature is only available to you if the feature has been enabled for your district. 
  • You need to have the necessary permissions to create forms for your district.