Can I edit an attachment to be ‘Optional’ instead of ‘Required'?


It is the end of the school year, the school runs the item export for the school year ending. The export is to be reviewed to ensure all items attached as 'Required' are to remain as such. But for some items and when an item is attached through the register, the attachment will display as 'Required'.

View this article prior to the SchoolCash Catalog rollover: Year End - Best Practice-Required Items, SchoolCash Catalog

Disable Required Attachments

To change an item or an attachment from 'Required' to 'Optional' follow these steps.

From My School Store > SchoolCash Catalog

1. Select Item - Our example is the Art Fee - $37 *

2. Click Manage Attachments button (see above screen capture)

There are several attachments for this item. 

The item was attached to several courses, but also has a few individual attachments. 

3. You will want to verify the attachment

Each attachment is to be selected and reviewed. 

a) All the attachments starting with "course: (number) Semester: 1 FY Term are attached to one or more students as an optional attachment. These will remain as is.

b) The individual attachments are attached as required. These students were most likely attached to this item through the SchoolCash Register (SCR), using 'Add Additional Item'. When attaching through the SCR the item is attached as 'Required'. These are a good example of attachments that should be adjusted prior to the SchoolCash Catalog rollover.

4. Select Edit and select Optional

The highlighted individual attachment indicates that 4 students have been attached as 'Required', and I have selected the 'Optional' radio button (circle). This will then change the status and attachment to 'Optional' for those students who have not already purchased this item. 

The * denotes the student has purchased the item and cannot be detached or deleted. This is the case for third student, Banks, Kara.

4. Another way of achieving the removal of the required commitment to the students who have not paid, would be to: 

Select the double arrow (indicates All to Left)

The students without an * will move to the left-hand 'detached' column.

To detach from one student, select the single arrow to move student from the attached to the detached column

Select Save to complete the move from 'Required' to 'Optional' or the move to the 'detached' column.

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