Why are some items listed as "Draft"?


An item will be moved to Draft status when a user doesn't save the item:

  • leaves the screen by selecting another tab
  • leaves the screen by selecting log out
  • leaves the screen by closing the browser "X" 
  • interruption in the internet service

There is also a message if they add/copy an item, then select the "cancel" option.  

The user will be presented with this message:  

"Are you sure you want to delete this draft item?"  OK / Cancel.  

  • If OK is selected, a draft will not be saved
  • If Cancel is selected, a draft will be saved

The user can Edit or Delete Draft items.


User is on View Items window, Draft button indicates a number greater than 0:

  • User should review the item prior to proceeding, as it is most likely the item user had started prior to leaving the screen
  • User may decide at that time to Edit or Delete the Draft item