School Cash Suite – New Catalog and Register navigation bar

KEV Group is excited to announce improvements made to the School Cash Catalog and Register navigation bar.

These improvements include a refreshed look and feel and the ability to easily go from the Catalog to the Register and vice versa without the need to go to the Accounting main menu first. Additionally, the cash drawer selection, for schools with 2 or more cash drawers, is now within the Register.

Catalog Home Page

  1. Main Menu: Drop-down menu navigates to School Cash Accounting or School Cash Register
    1. Items: Drop-down menu for View Item and Create A New Item
    2. View Items: Navigates to the List of Items page when on the Create a New Item page
  2. Create A New Item: Navigates to Create A New Item page when on the List of Items page
  3. Student Attachments: Navigates to the View Student Attachments Page
  4. Group Management: Navigates to the Group Management Page
  5. Reports Drop-down menu of available School Cash Catalog Reports

Register Home Page

  1. Main Menu: Drop-down menu navigates to School Cash Accounting or School Cash Catalog
  2. Checkout: Navigates to the Checkout page
  3. Search: Navigates to the Search (Student) pop-up
  4. Item History: Navigates to the Item History page
  5. Refunds: Navigates to the Refunds page
  6. Group Collection: Navigates to Group Collection module
  7. Modification: Navigates to the Modification page
  8. Close Out: Navigates to the Close Out procedures
  9. Print Drop-down menu of available reports to print

Cash drawer selection

Schools with more than one cash drawer will now be able to select it or change it within the register eliminating the need to go back to the accounting main menu.


Catalog Home Page for District Staff

  1. District: Drop-down menu for Forms Management and Merchant Reconciliation
  2. Forms Management: Navigates to the Custom Forms Maintenance Page if Custom Forms has been installed
  3. Merchant Reconciliation: Navigates to the Merchant Reconciliation Report for Blue Pay clients