January 20, 2020

SchoolCash Register:

  • Comments entered for required outstanding items will now appear on SCR student statements.
  • Addressed an issue where odd symbols were appearing on the receipt when printed.
  • Addressed an issue with the category split for cheques in the Closeout deposit.
  • Register statements will now display the area code of the school’s phone number. This change does not affect the report.

SchoolCash Catalog:

  • Made improvements to the Permission Form Report in order to display inactive students.
  • Addressed an issue where, when copying an item originating from SCE, the attachments from the copied item would carry over to the new item.
  • Resolved for an issue where purchases were made after the expiry date in a specific scenario.
  • For Boards with transactional fees, a column "Paid Item Balance" was added on the Item Order Report, Permission Form Report, and SCE Activity Report to display the amount reported to the school's category in the ledger.
  • Added functionality to the Item Attachment Report.  Users can click the Export button which will give the user the choice of waiting for the report to download or receive an email notification with a link to view the report.