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Item Creation is a three-step process.

  1. Create Item
  2. Preview Item
  3. Save and Attach

Create Item

From List of Items window

  1. Select Items tab
    1. Create A New Item from drop-down, or
  2. Select New Item button
  3. Complete all required fields to build the item

Preview Item

It is suggested that each item be previewed to ensure the item works as expected.

Save and Attach

Items must be attached to a target audience to make active on SchoolCash Online.

Exception is when an item is made Public only.  Suggestion for public items is the item be attached to your students to make them aware of the item, i.e. a fundraiser made available for public purchase, as well as available for students.

PDF is attached (end of article)

Create an Item with Options with varying Sizes, Colors, Costs (i.e. T-shirt, Hoodie, PE Uniform, etc.) 

  • Build one item with sizes per clothing option
  • Offer the purchaser to purchase more than 1 size or multiple sizes

Please refer to User Guide – How to Create an Item for additional information

Select the Items tab, select Create A New Item from drop-down

Note:  Selecting the New Item button is an alterative option to start to create an item.

Complete all required fields to build your item

Required fields are marked with red (*). Other information fields are optional. 





End Date: Consider keeping the item available for the school year in case a student needs to purchase an additional item

Limit Per Student:  Set to ‘unlimited’, slide toggle to the left


Extras – Options & Choices

Option Description: Consider adding instructions on how to select more than one size/quantity

Preview Item / Save and Attach


Preview Item:   Always take the time to view how the item will appear on SchoolCash Online.  

Will it be easy for the parent to make the purchase?

Yes, when Min / Max Choices are set correctly?


Save Option: There are several different save options.  The recommended is Save and Attach.

      Save and Attach - Saves item and takes user to Attachment window


Create an Attachment

Please refer to User Guide – How to Attach Items for additional information

SchoolCash Online

What does the parent see?



Selecting the Item Name or View item will display the item information and allow for payment.


Select the Item, Show = Fully Paid, Sort by = Student Name


There are two reports:

Item Option Report #1 


  1. Options/Choices that were ordered
  2. Share report with the vendor to place the order

Note: Partial Payments will not be displayed in the Item Option Report

Item Option Report #2 

  1. Displays:
  2. Students that ordered the different Options/Choices 

Select Printer Icon to print report


Select the Item, Show = All, Sort by = Homeroom



Item Order Report


  1. Options/Choices that were ordered
  2. Sort by Homeroom for easy distribution of items
  3. Payments


  • Selecting Show > All will include the following payment types; Fully Paid, Waived, Refunded, Rejected and Partial Payment
  • Owing column will indicate payment is still due for both Rejected and/or Partial Payments
  • Partial Payment transaction would not appear on the Item Option Report if the Payment Status – Fully Paid was selected


Note:  Partial payments can only be transacted in the School Cash Register


Student Arnfinson, Presley is a partial payment

Student Krause, Wendy is a refund

Student Greenwood, Debra is a rejected online payment 


Recommendation for Multiple Colors and Sizes

Option 1:             Create separate items for each Color / Size

Option 2:             Create one option/choice with color and size