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Creating & Attaching Items

Creating Specific Item Types (how to use the template)

Group Management

So much to know about the SchoolCash Register


Select the Items tab, select Create A New Item

 Select School Store, SchoolCash Catalog.  System will default to the List View of Items.

Note:   Selecting the New Item button is an alterative option to start to create an item.

Complete all required fields to build your item

         Required fields are marked with *



Creation PageHeader with Item Name / School Year / Price















For information on Options & Choices, please refer to How to Create an Item with Options and Choices documentation.


Scheduled Payments



For information on Scheduled Payments, please refer to How to Create an Item with Scheduled Payments  documentation.


Permission Form


Permission Form              Include instructions on the trip information, legal information, etc.

Volunteer Option            Checkbox for purchaser to volunteer to be part of the trip.


For information on Permission Form, please refer to How to Create an Item a Permission Form  documentation.


Preview Item 

View the item in SchoolCash Online before saving and attaching students ­ - highly recommended.




A new window will open displaying a preview of the item on SchoolCash Online.  Make any changes to your item before moving to Step 4.


Save and Attach


Save Options

        Save and Attach                Saves item and takes user to Student Attachment window

        Save and Create New        Saves item and opens a blank Create a New Item window

        Save and Copy                  Saves item, copies it and opens the copy in a new window

        Save                                   Saves item

        Cancel                                Select Cancel to cancel all recent entries

                                                   Confirm? will appear, User must confirm cancellation


Student Attachment


Attach Item As:

Attach Item To:

All Students / Grade / Course / Homeroom / Group/ Individual


View Selected Students (List of students based on the ‘Attach Item’ selection)

Attach Students (Will attach the students based on the ‘Attach Item’ selection)

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