KEV Group announced and deployed a new and improved user experience to process eCheck payments for US customers. 

October 1st, 2020, SchoolCash Online users are able to log into their online banking to log into their online banking to indicate the account to be debited, eliminating the need to manually type the routing and account number.

To process an eCheck payment, SchoolCash Online users will follow these steps:

1.    Select their Financial Institution from the list, 


enter their Financial Institution in the Search field, select the Search button..

2.    Log in using their online banking credentials.

3.    Select the account to debit and indicate a Nickname. 

    The Nickname will be used as a reference in Payment History and Refund related email notifications.

4.    Follow the remaining steps until the payment is completed and a receipt is generated.



1.    Is the banking information secure?

A:    Yes.


2.    Does SchoolCash Online store any banking information?

A:    No.


3.    Does this change impact time for the school to receive the funds?

A:    Depending on the Financial Institution, funds may be deposited to the school account 2 to 4 business days after the payment.


4.    Does this change affect future scheduled payments?

A:    Scheduled payments set up using eCheck will fail.
    As a one-time effort, SchoolCash Online users will have to re-attach the bank account using the steps in the section above.


5.    Does this change affect refunds for payments done prior to the change?

A:    No, switching to Dwolla won’t affect any predefined timelines.


6.    Are the funds withdrawal from the parent bank account in real time?

 A:    No, logging into the online banking ensures the bank account exist but does not allow access to withdrawal funds. Funds continue to be withdrawn via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).