Please Note that the deployments are done in a phased approach to all of the board.  Please verify your version on the bottom left-hand corner of SchoolCash to see which version you are currently on.   

November 27, 2020

SchoolCash Accounting:

  • Added the ability to search for transactions and related attached files from previous years in Ledger Inquire - Search tab (DBK-968)
  • Fixed an issue with how the information was being itemized in the NSF module. (DBK-1034)
  • Fixed an issue with Purchase Orders where when a supplier name was modified, the purchase orders for the supplier (prior to the name modification) would no longer appear in the payment list. (DBK-1017)
  • Adding the file attachment feature to the deposit module. (DBK-967)
  • When reprinting receipts, the user will be able to search by email, receipt number, or purchase date. The user will also be able to email the receipt. (DBK-999)
  • The closeout report will include a section for Public Items which have been checked out in the Register. (DBK-998)