Week of July 29, 2019

SchoolCash Accounting:

  • Added Year End Rollover Improvements.
  • Fixed an issue where the Auto Rollover year-end reports were not appearing after the rollover was completed.
  • Fixed an issue where, when the user clicks download, the report generates an error message.
  • Fixed an issue where the Rollover Year was not defaulting to the current year in the Year-End Rollover page.
  • Fixed an issue in the Deposit Module where, when completing a Closeout, the deposit slip did not include the denominations in the cash section.
  • Fixed an issue in Bank and School Records where cash itemized in SCR was missing in Print/Print Menu/One Page Bank Deposit.
  • Added the SCA version number on the SCA login page as well as throughout the application.
  • Updated the default Journal entry date to the current date.