September 18, 2019

SchoolCash Accounting:

  • Fixed an issue where a Low Fund warning was appearing in the Issue Checks or Transfers modules even if posting the transaction was not putting the category balances into a negative balance.
  • Fixed an issue where unbalanced transfer and journal entry forms were being added to the ledger when a user had more than one session open.
  • Fixed an issue where redistributing GL reimbursements in the Deposit module was creating a blank form.
  • Fixed an issue where the date saved for a Journal Entry form was reverting to the current date when the form was opened for editing.
  • Fixed an issue where GL Names were not able to be deleted even if they have not been used in the current fiscal year.
  • Fixed an issue with Report #12, “School’s Net Worth Grand Totals Across All Bank Accounts”, where read-only users were able to view bank accounts to which they had not been given access to.
  • Fixed an issue with Chrome auto-fill.  This feature has been disabled to prevent intermittent issues with selecting a vendor in the Issue Checks Module.