Please Note that the deployments are done in a phased approach to all of the board.  Please verify your version on the bottom left-hand corner of School Cash to see which version you are currently on.     

School Cash Accounting:

  • New & Improved SchoolCash Accounting User Interface
  • Resolved an issue on Report#9 (DBK-1501)
  • Update the Category/GL Department/GL Name import page (DBK-1476)
  • Resolved an issue where the Bank Reconciliation module was not functioning on Internet Explorer 11 (DBK-1603)
  • Resolved an issue on report 11M with incorrect description when including the break-down for transactions as well as an issue with the difference displayed on the reprint of the report.(DBK-1295, DBK-1504)
  • Resolved an issue in the  Reconciliation module/Add a Record for boards with Mandatory Budget/Object codes (DBK-1489)
  • Resolved an issue with the Search tab in the Reconciliation module (DBK-1503)
  • Optimized District Category report (DBA-101)
  • Resolved an issue with the 5 Step Bank Account Set-Up (DBK-1454)