Release Notes Version – SFO.Fall.2021

October 2021


We are pleased to announce that your SchoolFunds Online program will soon receive a product update. 


This update will benefit district-level users by providing expanded tracking and reporting capabilities that offer enhanced oversight for schools' cash management activities. Furthermore, we’ve added enhancements that will more easily facilitate adherence to GASB-84 reporting requirements. At the school level, we’ve implemented new features based on user feedback, including expanded support for school-level event tracking and enhancements for various school-level reports.


The full list of enhancements contained in this update is as follows:

SchoolFunds Online - General

  • New ‘Account Print Group’ selection field added for transaction-type Report Designer reports.
  • New ‘Exclude Inactive Accounts’ option added for school-level Chart of Accounts report.
  • New ‘Header’ option added for the Consolidated Negative Balance report.
  • New ‘Consolidated Deposits in Transit’ report.
  • New ‘Doc’ column added to the Review Checks page.
  • Support added for Event Codes on Fund Transfer, Multi-Fund Transfer, and Revenue and Expense JEs.
  • Support added for Categories on Bank Charge, Bank Interest, Returned Check, Fund Transfer, Multi-Fund Transfer, and Revenue and Expense JEs.
  • New ‘Event Code’ and ‘Category’ selection fields added for Journal Entry (JE)-type Report Designer reports.
  • System control added to prevent fund transfers between non-asset and asset accounts.
  • Resolved an issue with duplicate entries posting due to a page refresh action.
  • Resolved an issue with missing page breaks between Check Continuation stubs.
  • Resolved an issue with missing page breaks between Receipt Continuation stubs.
  • Resolved an issue with the Receipt for Wrong Amount JE where users could not post the JE for a current year receipt if the same receipt number was used in a prior fiscal year.
  • Resolved an error occurring when the Vendor Additions report was run for a single-day date range.
  • Resolved an issue with accounts losing their designated Fund Balance account.
  • Resolved an issue with ‘Things To-Do’ homepage links being available to Auditor-type users.
  • Resolved an issue with PO reference values not displaying on Check Continuation stubs when the referenced PO was not system-generated.

SchoolFunds Online - Integrations

  • New ‘Import Disbursements’ global view and export option for district users.