Does the SchoolCash Register Close Out process vary for a close out containing only waived fees?

Example of waived fees can be found by selecting the following link:

How to Waive a Fee Payment


SchoolCash Register Close-Out

A Close Out is part of the regular use of SchoolCash Register.  The SchoolCash Register Cashdrawer should be closed out on a regular basis as established by the district/board.


From SchoolCash Register, select Close Out (tab)


Step 1:  Displays the sales period for the close out.   Select Continue (button)


Step 2:  If there are payments, other than just waived fees, enter the amount in the Cash in Drawer field, then select Continue (button)

Note: The option to detail the cash is provided.


Step 3:  Displays the sales activity

The following example shows a close out for a SchoolCash Register with no cash or checks, only waived payments.


As this is balanced, select Continue button.

IMPORTANT: Do not select Close Out button until AFTER the Report Preview reports have been reviewed. 

A Close Out cannot be reset!

Review every page of the report.

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