Release Notes Version - SFO.Winter.2022. Version 2022.1.2.1

January 2022

This update features district and school-level reporting improvements, enhancements to core SFO functionality, as well as minor bug fixes. We are also excited to introduce new in-app communication capabilities that allow the KEV team to share important system notifications, upcoming release information, and helpful product hints directly through the SFO application.

The full list of enhancements contained in this update is as follows:


  • New “predictive” search capability added to the Consolidated Vendor History report screen, allowing users to quickly locate a vendor by typing a portion of the vendor’s name
  • Support added for non-system generated POs in the Review Check “Find” feature, allowing users to search checks using the manual PO reference number entered during check creation
  • New file-format options available for reports generated through the Report Designer module
  • New in-app communication tool added to notify users of important system updates and product information
  • New Category “types”, allowing districts to control which Categories appear in the Category drop-down lists for certain transactions; “Revenue”-type and “Expense”-type Categories are available only for their related transactions while “General”-type Categories are available for all transactions
  • Resolved an issue with non-header account balances on Consolidated Negative Balances report (Header option only)
  • Resolved an issue with missing school names on Report Designer JE exports
  • Resolved an issue with duplicate Purchase Orders being saved
  • Resolved an issue with an incorrect filename when exporting the Consolidated Deposits in Transit report
  • Temporary removal of 1099-MISC report link due to unresolved issue with report alignment



  • School-filter added for ‘Import Disbursements’ admin view and export options.
  • Resolved an issue with ‘Import Disbursements’ records posting to the wrong cash account.