Can a required attachment be changed to an optional selection?


Yes, an attachment can be changed using the SchoolCash Catalog > Manage Attachments button.


Main Menu > SchoolCash Catalog

From View Items window, select Item Name

Select Manage Attachments button

This will open the Manage Attachments window.

This is the time to change the attachment through Manage Attachments, from Required to either Optional or Recommended (or whatever District has set up as attachments). 

An attachment can be revised one of two ways.

Choose the attachment to be revised.

Select Edit button

1. If the item was attached as Required, the Optional radio button (circle) can be selected, at which time a Status will need to be selected.


2. Alternatively, move the students’ names of those who have not paid (without an *) from the Attached column to the Detached column.