What is the order of entry process for a school wishing to waive a portion of the fee and have the parent pay remainder?


Order of Waive Process

The question regarding order of entry has often been raised for an item where the school will waive a portion of a student’s fee, and parent would pay remainder. 

What is the order of entry to enable parents to take advantage of the online payment opportunity?

It no longer matters what the order of entry is when school is waiving a portion of the fee. Parents are now able to make a partial payment online. They are no longer required to go into the school to pay their portion in person. The Partial Payment functionality negates this previous requirement. 

How to Enable Online Partial Payments by Parents 

SchoolCash Online - Online Partial Payments

Of course, it does make sense that the order of entry be to waive the school’s portion prior to parent paying their portion. This action will minimize the number of calls to the school for payment clarification.


1. Waive a portion of the item fee for the student 

SchoolCash Register > enter, select student

a. Select item to be partially waived

        Example: item full fee is $15.00

b. Choose Waived Fee from Payment Action drop-down 

c. Enter amount to be Waived - amount can be the full amount of the item, or
        in this example, the partial amount being waived is in the amount of $10.00

d. Comments are recommended, but not mandatory 

    Comments entered are displayed on the SchoolCash Register Close Out Report, Payment Details, Statement, Receipts and
    SchoolCash Catalog Category Report 


By entering the waived payment of $10.00 first, the portion remaining for the parent to pay is now considered by the system as a full payment requirement of $5.00 and can be paid online

e. You must select either the Cash or Check Checkout option to complete the Waive entry. Select Cash.

The Cash Checkout window will display, same as with any full or partial payment.

f. Review the information, then select Confirm button.