Please Note that the deployments are done in a phased approach to all of the boards.  Please verify your version on the bottom left-hand corner of SchoolCash to see which version you are currently on.    

  • Transactional-based clients – List Price when creating an item, has been removed. (Shop – 1545) Catalog
  • Inactive users will no longer show on the share list for SchoolCash Express. (PNI-72) Express
  • With User Management, view-only access to the Catalog will no longer have the permission to refund. (PNI-134) Catalog
  • Item Attachment Report now allows users to save the desired filters. This helps to save time when generating again in the future. (PNI-22) Catalog
  • Corrected the issue in Collections when the Bookkeeper is generating the deposit report and the report did not generate. (ACCT-64) Collections
  • Corrected the issue of users showing bank account changes when navigating in SCA and from SCA to the Catalog. (Acct-83) Catalog