Why would a user want to use the Save Report option?


The Item Attachment report is the second most run report in the SchoolCash Catalog. To run this report, users need to select many filters, including the option to select specific date filters. Visit this article How-To Schedule an Item Attachment Report

You can save your filters for the item attachment report: If you run the same report regularly, you can save time by saving any of the filters that you would like for that report.

The maximum number of saved reports is set to 10.

Share your reports: The saved reports are shared with all other school users who have access to 'saved' reports. This is a user management flag. You can easily create a saved report. Any user in your school, who has access to 'saved' reports, can run it.


  • Users can select dynamic date ranges (in addition to the fixed date ranges) when running the Item Attachment Report. This includes
    1.  Last 7 days
    2.  Last 14 Days
    3. Current Month
    4. Previous Month
  • Users can save a report with any set of selected filters. All filters are savable in the report. 
  • Saved reports will appear on the Saved Reports page – this page is accessible from the SchoolCash Catalog Reports drop-down.
  • The saved reports are shared by all users in that school with access to reports. Saved reports can be saved by anyone with access to the item attachment report at that school.
  • The number of saved reports per school is capped. The default cap for all districts is 10 saved reports per school.


  • Select your Filters, Date Range and Sort preference.

  • Select the Save Report button
  • A window will display requesting the entry of a Report Name
    • Names must be unique for every saved report.
    • If the name is not unique, an error message will display instructing a new name be entered.

  • Once a unique name is entered, the user will be taken to the 'Saved Reports" page.

Note: The report name, report type, last generated, and saved date range information is visible.

  • report can be opened
  • Report name can be edited 
  • User saved reports can be deleted
    • User will be asked to confirm the selection, then delete the report.

A report name selected will take the user to the report, where the report will load with all the filters and settings saved.

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