Please Note that the deployments are done in a phased approach to all of the boards.  Please verify your version on the bottom left-hand corner of SchoolCash to see which version you are currently on.     

The following major updates were made to SchoolCash Accounting. 

Issue Check date validation before printing/posting 

To help ensure users have the correct date for their checks, we have added validation functionality that reviews the date before the check is printed or posted.  

Districts can configure the system so the validation is optional or mandatory. 

If Validate Check Date is configured as optional:  

Users are given a warning message that will be displayed during the Validation with the Check Date editable for user to update. “According to the information below, the check date entered is different from the current date.  Please confirm the check date is entered correctly”.

If Validate Check Date is configured as mandatory: 

The system makes sure that the Check Date matches the Current Date and users will be restricted from entering a check date that is not the current (today’s) date.  

To access the settings: on the home page, click the 'Program Maintenance' link. Click on the 'Account Settings' button and then select the appropriate checkboxes to enable issue check validation and/or to enable mandataory current date. Tooltips are available by each selection to provide you with more information.

Currently, there is a similar warning for the Deposit Date when posting to the Ledger.   

Audit Tools: sample rate and total now included in the report 

More information is now included in the report generated in the Audit Tools feature. The report displays the following information:  

  • Total Records 
  • Sample Rate 
  • Transaction Count 
  • Total Amount 

Changes to reports section on the landing page 

To help reduce confusion and make items more visible, we have made two changes to the landing page: 

  • “Most Used Reports” has been renamed “Reports” 
  • Moved the “View All” button from bottom to top



In addition to the above updates, improvements have been made to other products including SchoolCash Access and SchoolCash District Catalog. 

  • SchoolCash Online: myWallet has being discontinued and parents may not add funds to it through SchoolCash Online. 
  • SchoolCash Access: Bookkeepers using SchoolCash Access or SchoolCash Express will be able to deactivate a teacher associated with their school without impacting the teacher’s association with other schools in the User Management module.
  • SchoolCash Access: Receipts can now accessed by teachers as part of the SchoolCash Access menu.
  • SchoolCash District Catalog: Users can now enable Waitlists for their district fees and users also have the ability to review, approve, decline registrants and add them to waitlists. 
  • SchoolCash District Catalog: Users can now enter unlisted items in the District Catalog. Unlisted fees are not listed publicly and can be accessed by a unique URL.