Release Date: November 16, 2022

The following major updates were released for SchoolCash Access. 

Teachers/Sponsors can generate a SchoolCash Forms report 

For Districts using SchoolCash Forms or SchoolCash Forms+, users can now generate the Forms report in SchoolCash Access. 

Teachers and sponsors can access the report by selecting “FORMS REPORT” from the drop-down menu. Only items created by the teacher or sponsor or those that have been shared with them will be shown in the list. 

The report displays individual responses and can be exported as a .CSV file. 

Bookkeepers can now manage teacher access 

In SchoolCash Access or SchoolCash Express, teachers and sponsors may be associated with multiple schools because their assignment has changed from one school to another. 

With the recent update, Bookkeepers using SchoolCash Access or SchoolCash Express will be able to safely deactivate the teacher or sponsor associated with their school without impacting the teacher or sponsor’s association with another school.  

Validate and redeem receipts in SchoolCash Access 

Based on feedback from users, teachers and other sponsors who use SchoolCash Access can now access validate and redeem receipts by clicking on “Receipts” menu option.  

Having the ability to validate and redeem receipts for any activities or items in SchoolCash Access where they create activities or items makes for a better experience for teachers and other sponsors using the system. This solution is mobile-friendly, giving users a lot more flexibility when validating receipts. For example, they can use their mobile device to scan the barcode at a field trip.  

Validate & Redeem Receipts - Learn more