The following major updates were released in the SchoolCash District Catalog. 

Manage registrations 

Users now have the ability to review, approve, or decline registrants as well as add them to waitlists, giving them greater control and flexibility over the registration process. 

If a quantity limit has been selected for the fee, users can check whether they want each registrant to be reviewed and change their status from pending to accepted, declined, or waitlisted (if waitlist has been enabled).  

Set up a waitlist for a district program 

District Catalog users can add and manage a waitlist under any item. The ‘Waitlist’ feature was added to give users the flexibility to add items into the system where the demand may/will exceed the supply (such as Summer Camp, Before and After Care, and Continuing Education.)  

Users can set the “Enable Waitlist” toggle is set to “Yes” to activate the feature. 

Attach an Item as Unlisted 

Users can now create an item and attach their item to Students, Public, or as Unlisted. Unlisted fees are not listed publicly and can be accessed by a unique URL that is sent directly to the purchaser by the school district. Anyone with this link will be able to see and purchase the item. For example, creating staff spirit wear that is only available to staff. 

Note: an item cannot be attached to both ‘Public’ and ‘Unlisted’.  

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