The following improvements or bug fixes were made to SFO in release 2023.6.1.22

  • Update was made for vendor to be populated when searching by CO Vendor # (ACCT-437)
  • Update was made to User Management where inactive users do not appear in the PO Approval Notifications (ACCT-469)
  • Update was made where PO Notification is now appearing on the SFO Home page (ACCT-488)
  • Update was made in Vendor Mainintenace allowing to enter a nine-digit SSN (ACCT-512)
  • Update was made to allow the date to be changed on a P-Card check (ACCT-530)
  • Update was made in Sponsor Portal so Account History Report can be run by Header (ACCT-531)
  • Update was made where a 1099 Consolidated Report includes an option allowing a page break between Vendors (ACCT-535)
  • Restricted user can not access "Print PO" when not permitted to access the PO module (ACCT-423)
  • Update was made that will no long cause an error when clicking on "Schools" from the Admin Menu (ACCT-463)