Please Note that the deployments are done in a phased approach to all of the boards.  

The following updates were made to SchoolFunds Online 2023.6.1.12 release. 

Vendor Search on New Check and New PO Pages 

In the latest release, users can search for the Vendor based on Vendor Name or Vendor CO # on the New Check and New PO pages. 

Users will now see a “Search Vendor by” dropdown field that lets users search by: 

  • NAME 
  • Vendor CO # 

The new text fields “Vendor Name” and “CO Vendor #” will be populated along with all other Vendor information like Address, City, and State.  

When the Quick Vendor Add is used on New PO and New Check pages, the Vendor CO # value will be stored in the system with the other values currently stored. (This change does not impact Quick Vendor Add functionality on any other pages.) 

Consolidated 1099 Payments Report Printing Options 

An “Insert A Page Break Between Vendors” checkbox has been added to the Consolidated 1099 Payments report. 

When checked, each vendor payment record will print on a separate page instead of information from 2 or 3 vendors appearing on one page. 

This option is unchecked by default.