Please note that the deployments are done in a phased approach to all boards.   

The following updates were made to SchoolCash Accounting 2023.3.4.3 release for users with access to the “District Level Reconciliation Date Report”. 

Ledger Balance has been added to the District Level Reconciliation Date Report  

Users with access to the “District Level Reconciliation Date Report” can now see the Ledger ending balance amount in each row so users will not need to generate the 11M Reconciliation Detail Report for each school to review this value. 

  • The “District Level Reconciliation Date Report” now includes a new “Ledger Balance” column 
  • The amount in the “Ledger Balance” column matches the “Ledger Ending Balance” amount in the “11M Reconciliation Detail Report”  
  • The Ledger Balance column doesn’t have a value if the Bank Account is not reconciled  

Export Report Data to .csv File

Users with access to the following reports can export their report to a .csv file: 

  • District Level Reconciliation Date Report 
  • District Category Report
  • Summary Schedule of Activities Fund
  • Board Level Umbrella Overview
  • District Level Tax Rebate

The changes to the reports include: 

  • An “Export” button will appear on the report page 
  • The .csv file is automatically downloaded to the user’s machine when the “Export” button is clicked 

The new export functionality will be added to additional district level reports in subsequent releases. 

For example, the .csv file of the District Level Reconciliation Date Report displays the following information: 

  • School Name 
  • School Number 
  • Bank Account 
  • Account # 
  • Reconciled Date 
  • Reconciled Balance
  • Ledger Balance 

The column headers are included in the .csv file and the default file name of the export is “SCA_DistrictReconciliationDateReport“.