Please Note that the deployments are done in a phased approach to all boards. Please verify your version on the bottom left-hand corner of SchoolCash to see which version you are currently on.   

    • The overlapping French version of reports headers and buttons are fixed with ACCT-559 and ACCT-529
    • The Cheque Reason is now always properly visible on the printed cheque stub - ACCT-560
    • The Previously Submitted and Short Form of Tax Rebate Report is now correctly splitting Federal and Provincial Taxes - ACCT-536
    • Ledger Balance column was added to the District Level Reconciliation Report - ACCT-491
    • District Level Reconciliation, District Category, Summary Schedule of Activities Fund, Board Level Umbrella Overview, and District Level Tax Rebate Reports now can be exported to a CSV file - ACCT-492, ACCT-493, ACCT-540, ACCT-573, ACCT-542
    • French translations are corrected - “Outstanding”, “Unlisted” and “District” words, “Accounting” and “Catalog” navigation links on the SCA Landing page - PNI-460, Shop-2217, and PNI-443