The following improvements or bug fixes were made to SFO in release 2023.6.1.153

Please note - Deployments are done in a phased approach to all districts. Verify your version on the top center of your SFO home screen.

  • Continue the look and feel of SFO Reports
  • District Vendor Settings – add an Allow Refund/Reimbursement setting (Acct-613)
  • If enabled, allow users to create new Pay Types Refund and Reimbursement (ACCT-611)
  • If enabled, a new Payment Type Refund or Reimbursement has been added to the One Time Vendor reports (ACCT-614)
  • If enabled, when a check is reviewed will display Pay Type if it is Refund or Reimbursement (ACCT-637)
  • SFO Data Files - "Sponsor" can now be saved as a recipient of PO Notifications (ACCT-643)
  • Resolve issue where Checks, Receipts, PO’s are reversing on the PRINT screen (ACCT-688)
  • Remove the double scroll bar on New Check screen (ACCT-692)
  • Resolve the missing PO numbers on the Open PO Report (ACCT-713)