Please Note that the deployments are done in a phased approach to all boards. Please verify your version on the bottom left-hand corner of SchoolCash to see which version you are currently on.   

  • We updated the logic of the default Start and End Dates of the Item Order Report and Permission Form Report. If the Start Date is left blank, the earliest Item Created Date of the selected Items is considered a Start Date. If the End Date is left blank, the report date range will end on the generation date. - ACCT-743
  • SCR users are notified when they attach a SCC or District Catalog item that contains a School Cash Form (containing no pricing) to a student in SCR, so they can advise the purchaser to manually fill in a form when purchasing in person. - GROWTH-146
  • The SCC user can see the item’s name in the Forms Report exported Excel file so that they know what item the form submissions are for, rather than referring to the filter used when exporting the Forms Report. - GROWTH-428
  • Fixed a bug that allowed editing an Item and saving it with blank choices. Now, the choice name cannot be left blank, and the bug has been fixed. - SHOP-2485
  • Waived SCR transactions are now showing on the Pending Register Transactions report in the SCC. - ACCT-360
  • Add the Gate Receipting Clover transaction and batch numbers to the merchant reconciliation report. This information was not available in the report earlier. - SHOP-2448
  • Fixed bug for Forms Report not populated with Forms submissions for two items. - GROWTH-490
  • Fixed bug for a District Catalog item that was partially waived in SCR, so that the item with the remaining amount can be purchased in SCO. - GROWTH-461
  • Fixed the bug where District Catalog items with unpublished changes could not be republished after editing. - GROWTH-407