The following improvements or bug fixes were made to SFO in release 2023.6.1.296

Please note - Deployments are done in a phased approach to all districts. Verify your version on the top center of your SFO home screen.

  • Fixed the issue when it was possible to create a receipt after all schools closed and before the beginning of the new fiscal year (ACCT-852)
  • Fixed the issue with missing Deposit IDs for OSP deposits. (ACCT-843)
  • Introduced a validation of the file name length in the Document Attachment section to ensure the attachment can be saved and retrieved (ACCT-800, ACCT-844)
  • Cleaned up the list of the export formats on reports keeping only relevant and current PDF, CSV, and XLSX formats (ACCT-759, ACCT-842)
  • Removed the option of adding a Purchase Order on the “Non-Vendor Payment“ checks (ACCT-717, ACCT-822)
  • Fixed the issue when the list of checks would disappear from the Deposit Ticket (ACCT-827)
  • Removed unnecessary validation of the total Check amount for the “Void“ vendor (ACCT-824)
  • Increased the default font size on reports to make them easier to read on load (ACCT-814)
  • Fixed an error that prevents non-district admins in the districts that allow posting to the last month of the school year before the rollover from creating a PCard ( ACCT-871)
  • Introduced additional logic to prevent duplicated or missing lines on Checks and Receipts that require continuation stubs (ACCT-866)
  • Fix the issue with the Document Attachment "Upload" on the Check Review screen (ACCT-731, ACCT-792, ACCT-793, ACCT-856)