The following improvements or bug fixes were made to SFO in release 2023.6.1.382

Please note - Deployments are done in a phased approach to all districts. Verify your version on the top center of your SFO home screen.

  • Fixed an issue with the School Name missing on the Deposit Ticket Summary. - ACCT-973
  • Introduce an additional option to run the Consolidated Void Check Report by the Void Date range. (ACCT-903)
  • Fixed issues that prevent users from creating and editing records past the last day of the school year, before the rollover. - ACCT-919, ACCT-1008, ACCT-1025, ACCT-991, ACCT-1008, ACCT-982, ACCT-954, ACCT-955, ACCT-956, ACCT-957
  • Fixed an issue with the doubled Total Amount on the Detailed $ Counter. -  ACCT-920, ACCT-1011
  • Fixed an issue with the download of the Official Receipt for collections in SCAccess. - ACCT-959
  • Fixed an issue when in some cases users were able to post to inactive accounts. - ACCT-894, ACCT-1018, ACCT-1020
  • Increased Account Description length limit on the Bank Reconciliation page to 30 characters to match the allowed length of the Account Description. - ACCT-913
  • To prevent PO over-liquidation, additional validations of a Liquidation balance are added during the Check creation and update. - ACCT-903
  • Resolve the Reconciliation Manager not clearing the recon flag (ACCT-731)


Other changes

  • Error log cleanup - ACCT-909, ACCT-910, ACCT-997, ACCT-995, ACCT-726
  • Performance improvements - DAA-65