NOTE: This information is only applicable for clients with the Forms+ product.

SchoolCash Forms+ Clients - How to Add a Variable Price to a Form article provides information as to how to create a SchoolCash Forms+ form to be used for the following article. If your district does not have Forms+ and are interested in more information, district administrators are encouraged to speak with your Client Success Manager.

The following article explains how to use the feature of "Open Amount" to add to an item. This will provide parents the opportunity to enter the price during SchoolCash Online purchase.

This is an option rather than create an item, where the school must add the item in the SchoolCash Register and enter the outstanding price, school prefers the parent enter the outstanding amount when completing the item purchase. An example where this may be preferred would be for a contribution or fundraiser amount, etc.

What is the process for the school to add that feature to their items? 


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The item will look like this:  

On this example, the field trip is $11. 



If the purchaser chooses to donate an amount, it will be added to the initial amount: 


How are the transaction fees managed with those specific items? 


The transaction fees are backed out from the amount that the parent pays. This is calculated in the background, and the Item Order Report (Excel format) reflects the transaction fee for both item and form. Here’s an example based on the above item purchased. 



What is the process if a parent comes into the school with payment? 

If an item is created with the inclusion of a form, the school will not be able to accept the in-person payment using the SchoolCash Register. 

Once the item is selected in the SchoolCash Register, a message will appear indicating “the selected item has a custom form with a variable price. This item can only be paid online.” 


If the school thinks this may happen there are two options: 

  1. Have a device available for parent to sign into their account and pay online through SchoolCash Online. 
  2. Create a variable cost item for these situations, where the school can enter the payment. 

  1. By selection option #2, the school should then detach the original item (with the form). Why is this necessary? If this step is not performed, the item will remain as outstanding when they log into their account and go to the student. 

  2. School will then be required to run two reports, one for the item with the form, as well as the standard variable cost item. 


Will my reports show something different than normal items? 


No, reports will show the amount entered by the parent as the item price. All other information stays the same.