The following improvements or bug fixes were made to SFO in release 2023.6.1.421

Please note - Deployments are done in a phased approach to all districts. Verify your version on the top center of your SFO home screen.

  • Fixed an issue when, in some cases, during the reopening of the bank reconciliation, the voided Receipt status changed from Void to Posted. - ACCT-1120
  • Fixed an issue when, in some cases, voiding Receipt would cause an error. - ACCT-1119

  • Fixed an issue when the Description field on the Receiptee History Report CSV file holds the Account information instead of the Description value. ACCT-1107, ACCT-1094

  • Improved the load time of the search results when selecting an Account for the Account History Report. ACCT-1104

  • Resolved an issue causing an error while navigating from SchoolCash Access to SFO. - ACCT-1083

  • The “Cash Register/ Group Collections” menu item of the School Store will be visible only to the users with access to the SchoolCash Register. - ACCT-1048

  • Fixed an issue when the CSV file of the Year-End Transfer Report was missing the report data. - ACCT-1047

  • Fixed an issue that caused an error and prevented the generation of the Account Report in the Report Designer when selecting Accounts by pattern and choosing custom fields. - ACCT-1026

  • The Receiptee History Report can be generated for multiple Receiptees. The Receiptee field allows the selection of several receiptees. ACCT-969, ACCT-1084

  • Fixed an issue when the Import Disbursement Proof Sheet Report couldn’t be printed after posting disbursements. - ACCT-878, ACCT-1021, ACCT-904

  • Resolve the issue with P-Card check not holding lines - ACCT-807