Auto-Populating Form Elements in SchoolCash Online is the latest enhancement available in SchoolCash Forms+. Auto-populating is achieved by using our newly created “Smart Elements” feature within the Forms module in your SchoolCash account.

This functionality is very helpful when building forms because Smart Elements are auto-populated in SchoolCash Online by using existing data. This allows parents and guardians to fill in forms faster, resulting in a higher chance of forms being returned, as well as reducing errors. In turn, these form submissions are reflected in the Forms Report.

In this document, you will learn how to add Smart Elements to a form through an example of a Spring Dance Fundraiser Form.

Please Note: Smart Elements will be available if the feature add-on has been enabled. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

How do I add Smart Elements to my forms?

To add Smart Elements to a form, click on the “Smart Elements” button when you create a new form or edit an existing form within the Forms module.

Smart Elements currently consists of the below four elements. They are differentiated from the Base Elements by different icons and a light gray background. Base Elements are the original form elements and do not auto-populate in SchoolCash Online.

Student Smart Elements 

  • Name/ID - the attached student’s name will be auto-populated in SchoolCash Online.
  • Grade - the attached student’s grade will be auto-populated in SchoolCash Online.
  • Date of Birth - the attached student’s date of birth will be auto-populated in SchoolCash Online.

Student Smart Elements 

  • Description - the item’s description will be auto-populated within the form in SchoolCash Online and in the Forms Report PDF file. If the item’s description is empty, this element will not be displayed in the form in SchoolCash Online and will be blank in the Forms Report.

When a Smart Element has been added to a form, it can be identified by a blue box icon that is displayed on the Smart Element on the right side, as well as within the Properties tab of the selected element on the left side.

Note: Based on feedback for this feature, more Smart Elements containing student, item and purchaser information may be added in the future.

EXAMPLE: Spring Dance Fundraiser Form

In the example below, we have created a form for a Spring Dance Fundraiser. To build this form, we first added the following elements which are a combination of Base and Smart Elements, and updated the element labels:

  • Item Description (Element Type: Item Description Smart Element)
  • Teacher First and Last Name (Element Type: Name Base Element)
  • Student First and Last Name (Element Type: Student Name/ID Smart Element)
  • Student Grade (Element Type: Student Grade Smart Element)
  • Student Date of Birth (Element Type: Student Date of Birth Smart Element)
  • Amount (Element Type: Number Base Element with Price enabled)
  • Signature (Element Type: Signature Base Element)

To preview the form, click on the black “Preview” button above the left pane.

When the form is ready to go live, click on the blue “Publish” button in the top right to publish the form and make it available to be embedded within an item in the SchoolCash Catalog or District Catalog.

When the purchaser views the item in SchoolCash Online, the embedded form will be displayed and the Smart Elements will be auto-populated.

Feature Restrictions

  • The Smart Elements feature is only available to you if the feature has been enabled for your district. 
  • You need to have the necessary permissions to create forms for your district.