Outstanding Required Fees for Inactive Students 

Available March 2024, New Fall 2023 Feature

The much-anticipated Fall Release has been deployed to many districts. School Districts have been requesting the Outstanding Fees for Inactive Students feature for some time. 

You asked and KEV Group listened!

What is the Outstanding Required Fees for Inactive Students feature?

Do you have students who have moved from your school to another in your district, but who still owe fees for items attached as required at your school? These unpaid items appeared on the student’s tab as an ‘overdue’ fee. Once the student moved to another school, they would become inactive at your school. The item would remain outstanding, but it would disappear from the student’s tab list when parent logged into the system. 

This new feature allows the school to easily collect outstanding fees through SchoolCash Online for these inactive students.

Best Practice


What process does your district ask schools to follow regarding items attached as required?

  1. Some districts have School A (previous school where item originated) provide information to School B (next school student moves to) regarding outstanding required items.


Does School B inform the student they have outstanding payments at the previous school?

  1. Do they instruct them to go to School A where item originated to pay for the item? 
    This process would rely on the item remaining as attached as required at School A.

  2. Or is it your district’s process to have School B create a new item in their school? 
    Whereby revenue is either retained by the receiving school or transferred to the school where the item originated? 

    If 1B is the process in your district, has School A changed the required item to an optional attachment selection?

This can be accomplished with the SchoolCash Catalog > View Items > Manage Attachments functionality? 

SFO districts Learn More

SCA districts Learn More


2. Or has the item been left as required in School A, as well as created as an outstanding required item in School B? If this is the situation, some item attachment clean up should be undertaken. 

If the item is duplicated and both attached as required, this new feature will now display both items as required on the parent’s SchoolCash Online student tab. 

Best Practice: Clean Up Data

To avoid parent purchase confusion, it is suggested schools confirm with your district as to which school should change the attachment from Required to an Optional attachment selection.

SFO districts Learn More

SCA districts Learn More


Best Practice: Going Forward and End of Each School Year

KEV has previously recommended a best practice task for Year End SchoolCash Catalog rollover preparation. 

The recommendation is to review required items and determine if they should indeed remain as a commitment to the student. The Knowledge Base article can be found here.

As a best practice, it is suggested this process be followed when students leave your school mid-year, as well as continue to be part of the year end SchoolCash Catalog rollover preparation.

Learn More about the Outstanding Fees for Inactive Students functionality.

To learn how to run the item export report and the information it can provide, watch this short video

To learn how to change required items to optional using Manage Attachments functionality, watch this short video