Using SchoolCash POS, when you attempt to process a transaction, a "The transaction was declined. Please re-initiate a new transaction." error message appears.


This message appears when a decline code is received from the card issuer.


  • Verify Payment Information: Check that the payment card has not expired (check the expiration date of the card). If the card has expired, the customer should contact their card issuer for assistance.
  • Request Alternative Payment Method: Ask the customer if they have an alternative payment method available, such as another card, cash, or mobile payment options like Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • Check for Authorization Issues: Ensure that the transaction amount does not exceed the card's available balance or daily transaction limit. Additionally, confirm that the card has not been reported lost or stolen, and that it is valid for use.
  • Contact Payment Processor or Issuing Bank: If the issue persists, advise the customer to contact their card issuer or bank to inquire about the reason for the decline and to resolve any potential issues with their account.

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