Using SchoolCash POS, when you attempt to process a transaction, a “There was a technical difficulty in processing your transaction. Please try again.” error message appears. 


This issue may occur if SchoolCash POS receives a timeout reason code/result from the KEV app.


  1. Retry Transaction: The error message may be a temporary glitch. Attempt to process the transaction again to see if the issue resolves itself.

  2. Check Network Connection: Ensure that the POS terminal is properly connected to the internet or the school's network. If there are any connectivity issues, troubleshoot and resolve them.

  3. Restart POS System: Sometimes, restarting the POS system can help clear temporary errors or glitches. Try restarting the POS terminal and then attempt the transaction again.

  4. Verify Transaction Details: Double-check the transaction details entered into the POS system, including the payment amount, items purchased, and any applicable discounts or taxes. Correct any errors or discrepancies before retrying the transaction.

  5. Escalate to Your District Contact: If the error persists after attempting the above steps, you should contact your District Contact for SchoolCash POS support for further support.

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