The following improvements or bug fixes were made to SFO in release 2024.6.1.154.  


Please note - Deployments are done using a phased approach for all districts. Verify your version on the top center of your SFO screen

  • Include the Account Name on a Sponsor Portal PO for review (ACCT-980)
  • Resolved the issue where 3rd party payment integration is missing detail lines (ACCT-1175)
  • Resolved the issue where bookkeepers can create a one-time vendor (ACCT-1181)
  • Resolved the issue where duplicate check numbers in different school years cannot be posted (ACCT-1265)
  • Resolved the issue where a receipt for wrong amount can reduce a single line to $0.00 as long as the receipt total is not $0.00 (ACCT-1286)
  • Resolved account setup for specific districts (ACCT-1308, ACCT-1336, ACCT-1337)
  • Resolved the issue where the Report Designer is not including $0.00 deposits when selecting all deposits (ACCT-1361)
  • Resolved the issue where the JE Reference is not posting to the Account History correctly (ACCT-1402)
  • Resolve the issue where when exporting SCC Batch Report, exporting a single or multiple schools, the Account Name and Account Number will display in the export (SHOP-3418, SHOP-3534)
  • One-Time Vendors issue has been resolved (ACCT-1267, ACCT-1266)
  • 1099 Vendor issue has been resolved (ACCT-1268)
  • Resolved clover batches not showing in SFO (ACCT-1425)
  • Resolved Autocomplete fields in Pcard checks (ACCT-1067)
  • Resolved the issue where email was received after item was voided (SHOP-3619)