How do I create an unlisted public item?


1. Create an Unlisted Public Item *Customized by District

Perfect for those items that could be available to the public, but not listed on the regular District SchoolCash Online Website! For example, create an unlisted item for payments the school to rent some of its facilities for public use. 


  •  Customized by District
  •  Unlisted fees to not display on SchoolCash Online website 
  •  Unlisted fees require a unique URL to link to a payment website

Example : Gym Rental

Step 1: In SchoolCash Catalog, click either Create a New Item tab or New Item button

Step 2: Begin at top of Create a New Item form complete all required fields.(*Other fields are optional information.

A. Name: Enter a name for the New Item (eg: Gym Rental 20YY/20YY)

B. Description: Enter a description of the New Item. 

Answer the 5 Ws (Who, What, Where, When and Why, i.e. Anne Jones – Green Acres Dance Club.)
A Picture may be added by selecting the camera.  This is optional.

C. Year: Defaults to current school year

D. Bank Account: Defaults to current bank account

E. Effective From: Start Date: (i.e. MM/DD/YYYY) End Date: (i.e. MM/DD/YYYY)

F. Send a Reminder Email: Not Required (if entered i.e. MM/DD/YYYY) 

G. Quantity Available: is set to Unlimited (this would mean the school gym could be rented unlimited times)

H. Limit Per Student: Default is 1 (how many purchases per person)

I.  Availability Section:  Click Unlisted toggle to activate

A link to the School Cash Online website will be created where the purchase of the gym rental can be made. NOTE: This link should be emailed to the group contact, so that payment can be made.

J. Add Category/Account Name: Click Category/Account Name drop-down 

K. Amount: Enter cost of item

L. Add Options: No Options required

M. Extras Section:

Scheduled Payments:* Default unchecked *Customized by District

N. Add Permission Form: No Permission Form  required

O. Save: Select a Save button option to save new item 

or CancelClick Cancel button to cancel item or all recent edits

P. Preview: Select the Preview button to preview the item as a parent would view it