The options are appearing out of order on items, Why? It is confusing to the parents on the parent site.

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The Option and Choice fields are Text Fields.  What does this mean?  If the user enters dates, they may be out of order. 

User may enter Option or Choice Names as follows: 

    Monday, May 31; Tuesday, June 1; Wednesday, June 2; Thursday, June 3; Friday, June 4.  

This will order alphabetically, as follows:

    Friday, June 4; Monday, May 31, Thursday, June 3; Tuesday, June 1; Wednesday, June 2


  • If all entries are for the same month, enter as follows:
    • MMM DD (weekday)
      • To order correctly ensure the DD is entered as two-digits, i.e. 06, not 6
      • Placing the weekday after the month and date of month will ensure correct day of week order
  • If the dates span two months, i.e. May and June, enter as follows:
    • #MMM DD (weekday)
      • add a number OR alpha character before the Month, i.e. 
        • 1. May 31 (Monday), 
        • 2. June 1 (Tuesday), 
        • 3. June 2 (Wednesday), etc.
      • Or
        • A. May 31 (Monday)
        • B. June 1 (Tuesday)
        • C. June 2 (Wednesday)
          • The program will order based on the number or alpha character, prior to the month 1, 2, 3 etc.