How do you handle online rejected payments? Future fee payments are blocked and there is a red banner indicating they must pay the rejected fee.


When an online payment is rejected 

  1. A banner appears on the parent site to notify the parent of the rejection

  2. Parent receives an email

  3. When logged into the parent site they have the option to 
    1. 'click here' which will take them to the rejected items to try again to make the payment, or 
    2. change their account information

NOTE: If parent pays online with SchoolCash Online, the online payment will remove the banner and unlock the account, allowing access to payment of other fees.

When it comes to rejections paid at the school, it is up to the school/district as to how it is handled.

  1. If payment is not required, they can go into the SchoolCash Register and delete the item from the student.

  2. If the parent comes to the school to pay, the school user can record the payment in the SchoolCash Register.

  3. If the parent has paid at the school, but it was not recorded in the SchoolCash Register and payment was part of a previous deposit, the school user should record the payment in the SchoolCash Register using the credit card tender.
    This action does not affect the closeout or deposit amount. It just updates the student's record.

All three methods will remove the banner from the parent site.