How do you Copy Items from One Year to Another?


From the SchoolCash Catalog > List of Items window

  1. Choose Status All
  2. Select the School Year of the item to be copied
  3. Choose Item Name
  4. Click Copy button

 5. Remember: Review Item Information and Revise (where applicable) 

     a. Item Name, Start Date, End Date, Due Date, Description, Base Item Cost, Option/Choice Information and Costs

 6. Select a Save Option, i.e. Save and Attach, Save and Copy, etc.

Note: If your catalog school year has not rolled at time of copying item, you will only be able to attach by All Students, Grade, Group or Individual Students.  Attaching by Course or Homeroom will only be possible once your school year has been rolled, or if your school has the multiple years option activated.

Additionally, depending on your Student Information System, you may or may not be able to attach entry-level grades (JK, Grade 6, Grade 9).

If you need to attach by Course, Homeroom, or entry-level grades, set yourself a reminder to attach students once the new catalog school year is available.

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