Part of Release Version 2020.1.2.6 April 17, 2020

Only Available at the District Level

The Pending Register Transactions Report lists all Register closeouts and group collections that have not been completed, allowing district users to audit schools periodically and promote district’s cash management policy adherence.

Navigating to the report page:

School Store > SchoolCash Catalog

  1. Select Reports drop-down
  2. Select Pending Register Transactions Report

The Report:

The Pending Register Transactions Report can be generated for all or specific schools, as well as, all transaction types or your choice of Closeouts or Group Collections.

Once generated, the report will provide the following information:

Pending Closeouts Report                            Pending Group Collections Report

School Name                                                   School

Bank Account                                                  Group Collection

Cash Drawer                                                    Pending Deposit*

Last Closed

Pending Deposit*

*Pending Deposits refer to the amount collected that has not yet been deposited.

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