Gate Receipting


KEV Group is excited to announce Gate Receipting standalone solution for our POS Clover Flex devices.

School Cash users will be able to collect card payments quickly for preloaded items on the spot for any event.

Manage & View Items for Clover:

SchoolCash users can manage items for POS Clover Flex devices from the List of Items window of the SchoolCash Catalog.

  • A new button “Add to Clover” will load items to the device instantaneously, with the exception of items with Permission or Custom Forms.

Figure 1: Add to Clover button and Clover Filter


  • A new status filter and label “Clover” will be added to view the list of items added to Clover.
  • Items added to Clover can be removed by using “Remove from Clover” button.
     All items (active/expired) will be available on Clover unless manually removed.

Figure 2: Remove from Clover button and Clover Status Filter

Sell items from the device:

All preloaded items from SchoolCash Catalog will be displayed on the “Register App” in POS Clover Flex device.

The preloaded items are not exclusive to Clover and can be sold via SchoolCash Register and SchoolCash Online. These items will be listed school-wise and can be sold from anywhere i.e. Office/Events/Cafeteria.

  • SchoolCash users will use Register App to collect payments using debit/credit cards only.
  • Receipts can be issued via email, text or in print.
  • SchoolCash Catalog reports will include the POS Clover Flex transactions.
  • Optionally, refunds can be initiated from the device.
  • Funds will be sent directly to the school bank account and will be recorded in the Ledger (SCA)/Receipts (SFO)

Best Practices:

  • Register App on the Device should be set to “Item and Category View” for best user experience.
  • Load a maximum of 5 to 6 items to the device.
  • Each checkout should have items from the same school only.
  • Restrict use of “Custom Item” with passwords
  • Restrict option to refund for certain roles.

KB 2020.10.20