SchoolCash – Item Attachment Status

KEV Group is excited to announce enhancements to the item attachment status feature. 

This enhancement provides district users with the ability to customize the status of their optional attachments to increase item sales.

The new customized optional status will display in the SchoolCash Catalog in a new drop-down format.

SchoolCash Catalog


Create Attachment

  • Attach an item as Optional
    • The Status drop-down only displays when the Optional Attachment is selected
  • Select a status from the drop-down
  • Continue attaching to the students

Figure 1: SchoolCash Catalog, Create Attachment Page, Optional Status drop-down   

Manage Attachment 

  • Select an attachment from the attachments list  
  • Select the status from the drop-down list

Figure 2: SchoolCash Catalog, Manage Attachments Window

SchoolCash Express  

Users can select the attachment status when creating an item in SchoolCash Express. The selected status will be available in the SchoolCash Catalog for approval.

Figure 3: SchoolCash Express, Attach to Students, Status drop-down

SchoolCash Online 

The picture below is an example of two optional items attached to a student with a status of Mandatory and Action Required.

Figure 4: SchoolCash Online, Status Location