RN 2020.12.15

KEV Group offers a Validate & Redeem Receipts feature. This mobile friendly solution allows users to validate and redeem any SchoolCash generated receipt to prevent duplication.


How to validate and redeem SchoolCash receipts?

Users can access the solution from SchoolCash Catalog or through a district-specific URL. The district-specific URL is convenient and easy as it enables users to access the solution from any device especially during events.

  1. To search for the receipts, users can: Enter receipt number using the keypad or
  2. Scan barcode using a mobile or desktop camera.
  1. Upon input of receipt number: receipt #, purchaser details, and payment status will be displayed. District and/or School users can use these details to validate receipts. 
  2. Along with receipt details, the contents of the receipt will be displayed under "Item(s) to redeem" and "See All" tab. 
    1. Item(s) to redeem - This tab will display redeemable items. 
    2. See All- This tab will display previously redeemed and non-redeemable items. 
  3. To redeem: Select the item(s), the desired quantity and click on redeem. 
  4. Once the item(s) are redeemed, the Recently Redeemed section on the home page will be updated with the receipt and item details. This section will display daily redeemed items only. 

Select this link for Redeemer Reporting