How can we identify Outstanding Required Items prior to SchoolCash Catalog Rollover?


Outstanding Required Items attached to students will carry forward to the new year and continue to show as outstanding in the school item was created until paid or manually adjusted.

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Note: To view all items and see the status of their attachments

  • Select EXPORT from the SchoolCash Catalog View Items, List of Items page.    
  • The exported report will be an Excel CSV formatted file.
  • can be generated bookkeepers for their individual schools, or for All Schools by those with District administrator access.

  • Open the generated Excel CSV spreadsheet
  • Open the 'Item Overview' worksheet
  • Highlight the entire worksheet by choosng the 'select all' icon 

  • Once the worksheet is highlighted, add column filters, Home tab > Editing section > Filter and Sorting
  • You are most interested in the 'Optional Students' and 'Required Students' columns
  • Click the dropdown arrow for 'Required Students' and deselect the checkbox beside ZERO
  • Choose 'OK'
  • Review the items where a number appears in both the 'Optional' and 'Required' columns, as well as just the 'Required' column
  • An item with a large number in the 'Optional' column and a small number in the 'Required' column will often indicate the 'Required' attachment are a result of attaching the item in the SchoolCash Register using the 'Add Additional Item' functionality. This will add the item as 'Required'.
  • It is important to review each of these to ensure the 'Required' attachment is to remain as such. Or is it to be changed to an 'Optional' attachment.

If there are required items on the students’ accounts that are not to be carried forward to the new school year, change the attachment to OPTIONAL.  This removes the ‘Required’ obligation, and the item will NOT carry over to the next school year.


  • School Cash Catalog > View ALL items
  • Select the item where the attachment needs to be revised
  • Click on Manage Attachments

  • Choose the attachment (All, Grade etc.)
  • Click Edit
  • The attachment can be changed from a Required attachment to Optional.  (or vice-versa, Optional to Required) 

  • SAVE is located at the bottom of the windowrepeat for all attachments to be changed
  • An Item may have more than 1 attachment.  
  • Each attachment listed as Required will need to be edited and changed to Optional.
  • Once you have selected the Attach Item As: Optional, SAVE

The entire process can be found starting on Page 15, of your district's accounting solution documentation of the attachment of the following article:

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