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SchoolCash Accounting Users - Multiple Years & Automatic Rollover for SchoolCash Catalog

SchoolFunds Online Users - Multiple Years & Automatic Rollover for SchoolCash Catalog

Banner Information

District and School Users

The SchoolCash Catalog Rollover Date is set or confirmed by District Users when creating the New School Year.  If this ‘task’ is not completed earlier than default date by the District, the rollover date will default to July 31, 20YY. 

This is the date the SchoolCash system will begin to ‘look’ for the New Year Student information.  Banners will show with messages as below:

Green Banner

Success! Your Close Outs and Group Collections are done and your Student Data has been loaded successfully for the new school year. 

Your School Cash Catalog will now display the current school year. 

You can remove this banner by clicking on the X in the right hand corner of the banner. You are ready to create items and attach students for this school year!

Orange Banners indicate a reason the SchoolCash Catalog cannot roll to the new school year.

New student records have not been found:

The SchoolCash Catalog is waiting for the new school year Student Information System (SIS) data to be loaded.  

This criteria is met when the 60% threshold for change in student data is received. Each school will roll when this threshold is met. The upload occurs school-by-school so as the data loads, some schools could have their updated data for the new year, and others not.


If you have a school that will not have new student data, please submit a ticket to the support desk requesting the school be rolled over to the next year and the banner removed. 

Please include name of school and a screenshot picture showing school name and banner in the ticket 

SchoolCash Register Close Outs and all open Group Collections must be completed:  

1. SchoolCash Register > Group Collections   

Open Group Collections (not completed) will be listed.   

To complete a Group Collection, select the Group from the list (radio button) then click on Select. On the Collection screen, select the ‘Complete” option.  Repeat for each open Group Collection.  

Please check the Deposits/Receipts module for any funds that may have been pending in the Group Collection after ‘Complete’ was selected. 

2. SchoolCash Register > Close Outs

   Select Close Out and follow through to Step 3 to determine if there are Close Outs that have not been completed.  

Each school will roll based on the completion of this requirement.

SchoolCash Accounting Clients Only - Orange Banner - Next year or DO not include categories

After the rollover, if there are items that are assigned to a Category with a Category Umbrella Type “Do Not Include in Year End” this warning banner will appear. Check with your District Support Staff prior to making these modifications.