What is the difference between Public and Unlisted, located in the Availability section of item creation?


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Public Item

Is the item to be made available to anyone, anywhere who doesn't have a child attending your school? 

YES, make the item available as a Public item, so the potential purchaser can find the item from the District's SchoolCash Online website. Public items reside under the ITEMS section. 

The school name is listed in the school column beside the item column. 

Best Practice is to include the school name at the beginning of the item name, as well as in the description.  

Why? If more than one school is offering the same item as a public item, the inclusion of the school name at the beginning of the item name and in the description will provide confirmation the correct item was selected for review and purchase from the correct school.

TIP: A public item can also be attached to your students, but is not necessary. However, by attaching the item to the students, a new item notification is emailed to your registered parents.

Note: As of October 2022, a unique public item Fee Link has been made available. It is found on the SchoolCash Catalog's View Items window, at the end of the right column item details. The unique URL can be provided to a specific target audience or used for a QR code generator's URL requirement.

Unlisted Item

When an item is created as an Unlisted item, a unique URL is created (found on the SchoolCash Catalog's View Items window). The item is not available from the District's website.

Why create an unlisted item? The unique URL can be provided to a specific audience, i.e., the item is to be offered to your staff. Email the unique URL Fee Link to your staff. Review the following Knowledge Base article, How To Create an Unlisted Item for Staff Purchase

TIP: An item can be made unlisted and also attached to students as required. An example is school gear to be attached to all students and made unlisted for staff purchases.


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