Can an Optional or Mandatory item be paid after it expires?


When an Optional or Mandatory item expires, it disappears from the student's SchoolCash Online profile list of items. 


A parent missed paying for the field trip. 

How can the item be paid for and the student included on SchoolCash Catalog reports?

There is a way to record the purchase to ensure the payment is reflected on SchoolCash Catalog reports, using the SchoolCash Register.


Open SchoolCash Register

Select Student Name

From the Checkout screen, far right, select Add additional item

This will produce a new item line, with a star indicating the item is being added as a required item. 

Select the dropdown arrow to view the items in the SchoolCash Catalog for the default school year or year selected.

NOTE: there are dark item names and item names that are grey. The dark item names indicate the item is still available for purchase and has not expired. The grey items indicate items that have expired.

Select the grey item name of the expired item (For this example, we will select Field Trip to Museum MMM DD)

Choose the Payment Action, if parent is paying when this is added, select the applicable payment action. 

Most likely this will be Full Payment.

Complete the Checkout payment (Cash or Check)

The SchoolCash Register payment is completed using the regular payment process. 

The Cash or Check Checkout window will display, as would with a regular non-expired item.