2021 Instructions

TIP: All year-end checklist tasks must be completed before the year-end rollover can take place. 

1. If you do not want school users to perform the Year-End Rollover, go to “Program Maintenance” and select “Account Settings”. 

2. Under Board/District, deselect the checkbox for “Enable Rollover by School User”. 

NOTE: Individual schools users cannot use the year-end rollover automation feature. If a school user is rolling over their own accounting, they will have to use the manual process. (Program Maintenance > Year-End Rollover Procedures) 

3. Go to “Program Maintenance” under “My School Information”. 

4. Select “Year-End Rollover Automation” to display a list of outstanding tasks that need to be completed for all schools. 

5. The search field will allow a user to search for a specific bank account. Any matching bank accounts will start to auto-populate when partial details are entered. 

TIP: Schools users can view their outstanding items by going to Program Maintenance > Year-End Rollover Checklist.


6. If you would like to share tasks that need to be completed by the schools, select the “Print” icon, print the report, and send to your school users. 

7. Under “Not Ready to Rollover”, hover over each number next to the school to show the checklist item description. 

8. Click the chevron next to the school name to show a listing of incomplete tasks. 

TIP: District users that wish to add a note or reminder next to a bank account that has not been rolled over, can click the “Notes” icon found next to each bank account. 

9. Under “Ready to Rollover”, select “Begin Rollover” to individually roll over schools/bank accounts. Select “Begin Rollover for All Schools” if you want to complete the rollover for all schools that are ready.


10. Once the rollover is completed, bank accounts will move to the “Rollover Completed” section. 

11. Under “Rollover Completed” every school that was rolled over using the automated rollover will have download buttons to successfully download individual year-end reports as PDFs. Reports are available until the following year rollover. 

TIP: If year-end rollovers are done manually (Program Maintenance > Year-End Rollover Procedures), reports must be printed or saved during the rollover process. These reports will not show on the listing in the Automated Rollover. 

12. After the year-end rollover has been completed, the year-end rollover date will automatically be updated on the demographics screen to reflect next year’s rollover date. 

You have successfully rolled over to the new fiscal year.